About us

About us

Introducing the Branch of Devis Joint Stock Company in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Welcome to Devis Joint Stock Company Branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province! We are proud to be a unit of the Global Tourism Education Trade Joint Stock Company (GTC) specializing in providing leading services in the field of vocational training consultancy, labor export, and settlement. abroad, international tourism, experience and foreign language training.

1. Domestic and international vocational training consultancy: The branch of Devis Company is a reputable unit in providing vocational study abroad consulting services, helping students, students and employees have the opportunity to experience vocational training abroad. experience learning and professional skills training at leading schools and training institutions both nationally and internationally. We are committed to helping our clients find the right study program for each person's needs and dreams.

2. Labor export: Devis accompanies Vietnamese workers in finding work opportunities and developing their careers abroad. We cooperate with many prestigious partners in the world, ensuring to provide jobs suitable to the qualifications and skills of each employee, and at the same time ensuring their rights and safety.

3. Settlement abroad: Moving abroad is a big decision for every family or individual. Devis provides professional settlement consulting services, helping customers understand the processes, conditions and benefits when settling in countries around the world. We always support customers to create a bright and sustainable new future.

4. International travel experience: Devis brings customers memorable and attractive international travel experiences. We are proud of a team of experienced travel experts, willing to advise and design unique, rich and safe travel programs, meeting all requirements and wishes of customers.

5. Foreign language training: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese... are increasingly important languages in today's global world. Devis offers high-quality language training courses that help students master the language confidently and fluently. With modern teaching methods and professional teaching staff, we ensure to give students the best learning environment.

With prestige, experience and commitment to accompany customers, Devis Joint Stock Company Branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province hopes to always be a reliable, trustworthy and sustainable development destination in the fields of area in which we operate. Join us to discover and explore new opportunities, bring good values and sustainable success for the future!


Vision of Devis Joint Stock Company Branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

At Devis Joint Stock Company's Branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, we always aim for a strategic vision that goes beyond, towards excellence and sustainability in all activities and services we provide. grant. Our vision focuses on core values and is committed to bringing maximum benefits to customers, communities and partners, while actively contributing to the comprehensive development of society and the country. .

1. Reliable and friendly partner: We form the vision of becoming a reliable and friendly partner of each customer. By listening and understanding the needs, desires and goals of our customers, we put the customer at the center of our operations and constantly strive to bring the best solutions that fully meet and exceed the needs of our customers. best for them.

2. Quality and professionalism: Our vision is to become a leader in quality and professionalism in the field of study abroad consulting, labor export, foreign settlement, experience tourism. and foreign language training. Our staffs are always trained and equipped with professional knowledge as well as best communication and consulting skills, to gradually build trust and satisfaction from customers.

3. Innovation and creativity: We believe that innovation and creativity are the key factors to help businesses develop sustainably in any industry. Our vision is to constantly research and apply new technology, develop pioneering products and services, to create a difference and unique value for our customers.

4. Community engagement and environmental protection: We are committed to making positive contributions to the community and society in the course of our operations. Our vision is to engage with the community, support charitable, educational and cultural activities, while respecting and protecting the environment, contributing to building a greener and sustainable future.

5. Global development orientation: Our long-term vision is to grow stronger and more globally oriented in providing services and expanding the scale of operations. We aspire to become a prestigious and reliable unit not only in the region but also in the international arena, creating a positive influence and contributing to the integration and cultural exchange between countries around the world. world.

The vision of Devis Joint Stock Company's branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province is the driving force and the top goal that drives us to constantly improve and develop, to bring true values and best service. best care for all customers and partners. We always welcome cooperation and share the promise to build a bright and successful future together!

Mission of Devis Joint Stock Company Branch in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

At the branch of Devis Joint Stock Company in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, we are committed to carrying out a noble and meaningful mission, aiming to bring great benefits to the community, customers and partners, along with actively contributing to the comprehensive development of the country and society. Our mission revolves around our core values and strategic goals, ensuring that each of our activities and services delivers true and sustainable value.

1. Improving the quality and standards of education and training: Our first mission is to contribute to improving the quality of education and training nationally and internationally. We respect education as the foundation of sustainable development of each country and community, so we focus on providing high-quality vocational training and foreign language training, helping students and workers alike. The act of maximizing personal potential and potential, preparing for a successful future.

2. Creating job opportunities and career development for employees: We not only offer prestigious study abroad and labor export programs, but also create job opportunities and career development for employees. Vietnamese workers. This mission demonstrates our commitment to the development and well-being of individuals, while contributing to reducing unemployment and improving the quality of life of workers.

3. Support for settlement and community cohesion: The Devis branch has a mission to support and create favorable conditions for those who want to settle abroad. We understand that immigration is a big decision for each family and individual, so we are committed to consulting and supporting customers in a dedicated and professional manner. At the same time, we engage with the community and contribute to creating a positive and united living environment.

4. Explore and experience diverse cultures: Experiential international travel is an important part of our mission. We encourage people to explore and experience the world's diverse cultures, promoting exchanges, integration and understanding between peoples and nations. We believe that sublimating the travel experience will bring back memorable memories and broaden the horizons of each visitor.

The brave vision and noble mission have oriented and clearly defined the direction for the branch of Devis Joint Stock Company in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. We always act and develop based on this mission, to build trust and confidence from customers and the community, and actively contribute to the comprehensive and sustainable development of the country and world.

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Address: No. 52 Le Hong Phong, Ward 4, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Email: info@duhocnghedinhcu.com

Phone Number: 0918 126 383